My son and daughter-in-law with newborn grandson.

I am married and have two wonderful children. I welcomed the arrival of my first grandchild, a little boy, in August of 2009. My son and daughter-in-law chose to have a water birth at home with a midwife. I welcomed my granddaughter in August of 2013.  She was also born at home with the same midwife who delivered her big brother. I am very passionate about birth and the birthing process. I feel that every woman and her partner deserve the best possible outcome from their birth whether it be a hospital birth, a home birth or a birth center birth.

I attended birth doula training through Childbirth Education Specialists and received my birth doula certification through DONA International.  In 2013, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Midwife Assistant Workshop at The Farm Midwifery Center in Tennessee with Ina May Gaskin.

Since June of 2013, I have had the pleasure of working with Ruth Cummings, CNM, as one of the doulas/birth assistants at The Birth Center.

“Women have the inner power and the inner knowledge of giving birth. There is a parallel of sexuality and giving birth. Women who are giving birth, trust yourselves. Trust your inner power. Trust your ability to give life. This is something absolutely sacred that is inside all women in the world. A doctor, nurse, and all midwives in the world are people who are not in the position to teach a woman how to give birth, but to make it easier for her to do what she already knows how to do.”

— Ricardo Jones, MD