Ruth Lundsten was my doula for the birth of my daughter on September 4, 2010. Having a doula present at the birth was one of the best choices I made and Ruth was perfect for the job.

Being able to meet with Ruth before the actual delivery was amazing. Not only were we able to discuss my birth plan but we really got to know each other. Ruth has a kind and gentle way about her and an optimistic point of view that really made me believe in me. She gave me some tips on how to prepare for delivery and was really ready and able to educate me about the process of child birth and help me understand what to expect.

During labor Ruth was able to keep me calm and focused. Most of the time she was her gentle self but during those times when I needed a little extra push, Ruth really was there for me, doing whatever necessary to bring me back. She was able to explain to me any of the doctor’s concerns and at times where interventions were needed/wanted Ruth really helped me make the choices that were right for me.

Ruth was also able to capture amazing photos that would have not been possible to capture without her there. I now have photo memories of one of the most incredible experiences of my life. That really means a lot.

Ruth really helped my birth experience be what I wanted it to be. I could not imagine ever having another baby without a doula, and the only doula I would choose would be Ruth.

Juliana W– minimal intervention, no epidural, VBAC

I would highly recommend Ruth as a doula. She is very passionate about what she does and she is a fantastic support person. When I first met her I could see how prepared she was and liked her calm personality. She was very flexible as far as scheduling our pre-birth meetings and was always on time. I went into early labor and was admitted to the hospital because I was pregnant with twins. Ruth was there within 1/2 hour from our phone call. She stayed with us from morning until night even though my labor was not progressing. Finally my husband and I sent her home because it looked like I would be discharged. About a week later I was back in the hospital and again Ruth was there soon after we called her. My labor was very fast and hard and Ruth helped me get through it. She used verbal cues and massage to help me through. I was comfortable telling her what I needed and she responded quickly. She was also great at including my husband in the process. She gave him tips when he needed them and assured him that he was doing a good job when I would snap at him because I was in pain. Ruth actively participated when I was pushing by holding my legs and counting for me. She really was invaluable. After a few weeks home with our twins we had a follow up visit with Ruth. She brought a cd of pictures and notes about our birth. It was great to have those because labor and delivery are a blur in my mind. If I decide to have more children I will definitely hire Ruth again. We continue to keep in touch by email and she even sent me a Mother’s day card. An added bonus is Ruth’s creativity. She is a scrapbooker and everything from the birthing binder she made for us to the Mother’s day card she sent is personalized and made with care. I hope you find the doula that is right for you. If you choose Ruth I know you will be happy.

Crystal D

The road I traveled to my little Sophie was one of intention and love. I am 41 years old. I was widowed after 10 years and at 38 found my love, Dennis at my 20 year reunion. I had already been seeing an acupuncturist regularly. I had some difficulty with my thyroid and was not menstruating. I was sleeping with a carved fertility god from Thailand under my pillow. I had met Ruth when I was catering for a friend before all of this and she just struck me. I had the desire to be a mother even though I hadn’t yet had the opportunity.I use a life coach/ business coach and she is the one who really encouraged me to have a doula. I knew exactly who I wanted. As a practice I always choose three possibilities and give myself the chance to gather information. I learn so much during this process. Anyway, I just couldn’t deny the connection I felt with Ruth. Her gentle, kind spirit was so attractive.Ruth attended my baby shower as an invited guest. By the time she came to my home to render her services I already trusted her. When she met Dennis he was really excited to have some help. He’s a team kinda guy. My water broke 3 weeks early and Ruth was there. I later learned that she was in the middle of a project and after spending the entire night with me she went home and completed a great deal of work. That’s dedication! My delivery was a long and complicated one. I was able to have everything I had hoped for…. in a way. Because of Ruth I was able to try everything we had planned. My body had a different plan and with all of the options and changes I had Ruth to guide me. Because I was able to make choices I felt that I got to be present to my birthing experience.The reason I am telling you all of this is so you can get a feel for the kind of person I am and see how carefully I select the people in my life. I encourage you to go with Ruth.

Ruth, Ruth, Ruth. I’m her cheerleader.

Kim P

I had a wonderful experience with not only having a doula present at our birth, but having Ruth in particular. She is an extremely kind, patient woman, with a lot of information. She was always there and remained very helpful throughout the entire experience. I had a very long birthing (32 hours) so I was extremely impressed with her stamina. She dozed very little during the middle of the second night, but at that point it was hard for everyone to stay awake .

I would definitely recommend Ruth.

Madeline B

Hiring Ruth was the best decision my husband and I made in preparation for the birth of our first daughter. We knew we wanted to have a natural birth (or at least attempt one), and we wanted to have someone at the birth to help achieve that goal. During our initial interview, Ruth stressed the importance of having someone we felt comfortable with as our doula, and recommended that we interview at least two or three other doulas (which we did). Ruth is a very maternal, calm woman whom we knew we could both work with. She came to our home for three prenatal consultations. Ruth gave us a binder with information to guide us through pregnancy, labor and postpartum, including useful exercises, information about the various stages of labor and how to best prepare. She also lent us books and dvds when we asked for additional information. During each visit (between 1 and 2 hours), Ruth talked to us about our birth plan, questions and concerns, and helped us to have a truly realistic vision for the labor. She was kind, patient and made us feel that we were in control.

During my 24 hour labor, Ruth came to the hospital prepared with a birth ball and all sorts of gadgets that helped ease my pain. She coached my husband on the types of massages that helped me with my back labor and she was a constant source of support and motivation. I can honestly say that I don’t think I would have made it through this labor without her, and was thrilled that I was able to have an unmedicated birth. At the postpartum visit, Ruth brought us the notes she took during labor that tracked my progress and the interactions we had with hospital staff. She also brought photos and a little gift for our daughter. She is the nicest!

I recommend Ruth for anyone who is thinking about having a doula attend their birth. I know we will definitely be using her again and are so lucky to have found her.

Marie M

I am so glad that we hired Ruth as our doula for the birth of our first baby- honestly the best money we could have spent. I now tell all my pregnant friends to consider getting a doula, I honestly think my birth experience would have been so different if we had not had her  support.
Before Labor
Ruth met with us several times before labor to help us prepare and ask questions. I really wanted to have an all natural hospital labor and delivery with no interventions. She was a wealth of knowledge, and every time she met with us I felt more confident and calm about the impending birth. She is so sweet and kind.
During Labor
My labor was very, very difficult and very long. Ruth was with us for around 24 hours- we called her when I was admitted to the hospital in active labor, and she did not leave until after we met my son.
Of everything Ruth did for me during labor (and trust me, she did a lot) there are just a few things that stand out the most:
1. The most important: She helped my husband to support me throughout my entire labor and helped to make it a beautiful experience for both of us. Honestly, I dont think he would have had any idea what I needed during labor without her. Most guys want to “fix” things, and most things during labor can’t be fixed, just managed. Ruth gave great advice on things he could do to help ease my pain and discomfort (without being annoying).
From the moment she arrived at our hospital room, Ruth was able to help my husband and I to stay calm and focused, even when we were faced with complications.
With her guidance and support, there was never a moment where I did not feel safe and supported.
The nurses at our hospital were great, but had we not had Ruth there, I know that  my husband and I would have been scared at the challenges and overwhelmed with the choices we had to make. It would not have been as peaceful of an experience. I love the fact that I can look back on my entire labor and think about what a loving, supportive and bonding experience it was.
2. Even though I had wanted a completely natural birth with no interventions,I ended up getting an epidural. I would have never made it as long as I did without an epidural without Ruth’s support. But when I made the decision that I was too tired to go on, Ruth never passed judgement.
Later, when I ended up needing a c-section, I felt like I had failed myself but Ruth helped me regain my confidence and feel at peace with my entire experience and the decisions I made.
3. Ruth took great notes during my labor and gave them to me afterwards. I love that I have such a great record of the experience. I can’t remember a lot of the details, and reading her notes helped me feel in gaps in my memory. It was very meaningful to me to have this as a keepsake.
I will definitely use Ruth again if we have another baby in the future and I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula for support during their labor and delivery. I think it is the best investment you can make in one of the most important experiences of your life.

Linsey H

I can’t thank you enough for what you gave me, support, strength, guidance.  You helped me reach my inner wisdom and find my strength within myself.  We are so blessed to have you on our side during the birth of our little boy.  Your support and reassurance throughout his birth was truly priceless to us.  We can’t imagine not having you around during that time.  You are an amazing, loving individual, and this shines in your doula skills.  We treasure the time and memories we have with you and see you as part of our family forever.

Efrat G  8/8/14

Ruth was my doula for the birth of my son in January 2015.  This is my second child, and we had just moved into the area from the East Coast.  I had the help of a doula with my daughter’s birth and knew that I wanted that support again this time around, to assist me in having a natural childbirth.  I am so grateful that I found Ruth and that she shared her wisdom and gave me so much support.  Ruth is so incredibly caring and nurturing.  She was very responsive from day one when I first contacted her, all the way through the labor process, and even afterwards when I was having some challenges with breastfeeding.  I could not have asked for a better doula.

Ruth set up a series of prenatal meetings during the months prior to my due date, where she provided me with comprehensive information about the birthing process and very useful tips about the phases of pregnancy. She was extremely organized and spent a lot of time listening to my concerns and needs, and offering perspectives and information.  Ruth also went out of her way to come to one of my doctor appointments to meet the doctor in person before the birth.  Her positivity and respectful approach ensured that the doctor felt completely comfortable with the roles that she and Ruth would play during the labor process and also that we were all on the same page about my desire for a completely natural birth experience.

My labor went much differently from my first experience with my daughter.  I ended up having a very long early labor, and I was in regular communication with Ruth over several days as I moved through that phase.  I later experienced back labor, and Ruth gave me invaluable advice and support to help me through it, and turn the baby into a better position.  Ruth was there with me and my husband as I birthed my son at the hospital with needed coaching and encouragement.

Several weeks after the birth, I experienced a plugged milk duct on a Sunday and was unable to see my doctor until Monday.  Fearing potential infection, I contacted Ruth for advice. She called me right away and gave me invaluable guidance that enabled me to resolve the problem successfully that day.  Ruth also helped me with some difficulties I was having with breastfeeding in those early weeks.  She gave me the encouragement to stay with it and not give up.

Ruth is truly a wonderful doula.  I am so thankful for her knowledge and experience.  Her calm, nurturing, and warm approach to pregnancy, childbirth, and post-partum make her a truly special person.  I am so happy I met her and had the chance to include her as an integral part of this amazing journey.

Jolynn S

I am so glad I listened to my sister in law and got a doula. I felt a little silly hiring one bc I had so much support in my room (both mothers and 2 sister in laws). But Ruth Lundsten was my rock and never left my side.  She helped me achieve the natural birth that I had planned for. Her sweet disposition and calming presence during my birth was exactly what I needed.  She also came a few times before my birth to discuss my birth plan,  go over any concerns/fears I was having and she also brought me a lot of informative material of what to expect before and after birth. She came to visit me a few weeks after my birth and she brought me photos on a cd as well as my birth story typed out. I am so glad she took those photos and that she took the time to write out my birth story. I will cherish them forever! Ruth was amazing and I can’t imagine going thru that experience without her.

Becky B